Participants about Next Step program

I enjoyed the workshops I attended, and I very much enjoyed the opportunity to give a presentation on Voice Dialogue Sand Play – thank you!

The individual sessions were a gift for me! My session with Robert was so helpful and timely, and this is such a rare luxury for me to have a session in the context of training! The staff was wonderful, love you guys! I particularly love that you keep exploring, thinking, pushing the edges out further of what is Voice Dialogue, where are we going with it. I really enjoyed being part of my morning sharing group. Felt we were present for each other, listening well, carrying the dream process. The feedback I got on my dreams was most helpful.

Loved Fernanda’s art space and her holding of the container for creation! Time to paint was one of the most important parts of the experience for me. I very much enjoyed the excursion to Sacro Monte, I also enjoyed taking the option to take an afternoon off and just indulge the shopping self. Just amazed that the hotel was so accommodating to those of us who are allergic to gluten – never thought I would find that in Italy! I am now at least one or two percent Italian having gained four or five pounds!

Miriam Dyak (USA)

The best trainers I have seen in VD!! a lot of experience there, fine!

The accommodation and food was great! I particularly liked: the espresso, water and so on between, and: The real good organization and atmosphere!! Thank you for that!!

Bernd Knabe (Germany)

I appreciated the possibility of being facilitated and supervised by different persons and have a taste of different ways of facilitating, in accordance to everyone’s personality.

The morning sharing groups gave us an opportunity to know better and be more intimate with these persons.

I also very much appreciated the human quality of the Voice Dialogue community, staff and participants, and I wish I can remain in touch with you all.

Anne Michon (France)

It was a very nice program with enough time for oneself and possibilities to choose. Very pleasant that individual sessions were possible! Beautiful team with variety and choice of workshops.

I very much enjoyed meeting old acquaintances, exchanging, meeting new people. I look back with gratitude on the week spent together.

Marion Jikai Elichalt-Roesink (France)

I much enjoyed the programme’s organisation. To me the days were not too short, too long, too early or too late. There was a good balance between structure and freedom, working and relaxing and together and alone. We could choose from a large offer of wonderful workshops and there was also a lot of room for individual wishes. All this was made possible by extremely professional facilitators.

I also found the programme’s build-up during the week extremely attractive. Varied, something for everyone (OK, the house concert with Vivaldi and Bach was more to my taste than the Italian duo 😉 ) I also really enjoyed the location, the garden, the view. The nature in the park with its ancient trees was extremely stimulating, inviting and comforting. This also applied to the food from the deliciously rich and healthy Italian kitchen. All this was made possible by the team of kind, inexhaustible staff of Villa Cagnola. The sun took care of the rest! I had an un-for-get-ta-ble week. So pleasant. Thank you very much!

Betty de Haan (the Netherlands)

The program was well sized both for beginners and seasoned facilitators. The exercises were wonderful. The time dedicated to them was good and I preferred to practice rather than hear lectures. The workshops were well prepared. I enjoyed the possibility to have seasoned colleagues presenting their approaches (e.g. Miriam Dyak). It helped to keep a kind of sharing and idea exchanging atmosphere.

Even if English is my second language I could really go deep into the process with the facilitators. They dedicate all the time needed and I felt they were giving 100%.

I particularly liked the relationships built with the trainers and other participants, the lack of judgment, all the stimulating classes and workshops. It was really a boost for my inner process!

P.N. (Italy)

“The conference exceeded my expectations many fold”.

Leia Berlin (Russia)

The programme was wonderful! Properly balanced with content, a focus on the process, head, heart, soul, relaxation and mutual relations.

It was very enjoyable to be able to join in the workshops and take from them what appeals to you. It was also nice that the theory always fitted in with a larger framework, so a thread could be found in a variety of ways.

Joining the individual sessions with other participants was in any case special. It felt very intimate to be there and from a professional point of view you get a lot of respect for the careful, detailed professionalism of the trainers.

My own sessions were extremely valuable, and I look back on them with pleasure and gratitude. The trainers are a special mix and therefore inspirational. It was also nice to be able to rely on your expertise in finding the right trainer for my own session.

The excursions were enjoyable, the timing was also well-chosen. It provided a nice time to be in contact with the rest of the world again and to undertake something different with each other.

Excellent accommodation with a good balance between luxury and austerity. The place itself was of course truly amazing, magical!

What I would also like to add, after all the plusses mentioned above, is that I really enjoyed the group. It was the right size. With plenty of connections where you wish, and also enough distance when desired. I enjoyed the international flavour and got a great deal of pleasure from the source of warmth and love.

I’m looking forward to the next time!

Anja Goedkoop (the Netherlands)

“I enjoyed my stay at the training last summer with you and your team and all the rest of our wonderful international Voice dialogue network. I feel at home in the friendly atmosphere you are always creating. I have participated in three (or four?) of the international conferences arranged and organized by ITP, and you have always been able to create a setting with an optimal blend of personal and professional approach to consciousness work. My life and my consciousness seem to develop in steps and stages. Somehow I have always felt I have been at the right place at the right time in you conference settings, and have made important steps on the “inner journey home” thanks to ITP. Your work and your approach is also relevant for me as an executive business coach, inspiring new approaches and the exchange of professional ideas and experience offered by the settings and format of the conference.”

Konrad Magnus (Norway)