Participants about the course Voice Dialogue and transformational psychology

In my work  as a sales manager – I lead two field teams – I come across situations every day where I can apply elements of the Voice Dialogue training. For instance it has given me the opportunity to make more conscious choices and to recognize bonding patterns in relationships. The benefit for my work is that I can coach and lead my teams more effectively and ultimately get better results. The beauty of the training program is that next to learning skills you continuously work on your own ‘process’. It is very inspiring to work together with a group of fellow ‘students’ and learn so much from each other. Also outside of the training blocks we have a lot of contact and are each others ‘training material’.

It is every time again a surprise to see and experience which theme’s are being touched. It is enjoyable to be able to share this together. Last but not least this is all possible because Robert and Maria accompany the whole process in such a pleasant and professional manner. I look very much forward to the blocks to come and I am curious to whom I am all going to meet. ”

Florence Kehrer-Bory (Switzerland):

“What I really enjoyed in your training was the work on the energy. I liked digging really into that field. That was my main reason to come to ITP. I had read in your book something about it that made me want to know or to practice more the energy level work of Voice Dialogue. I especially enjoyed the sessions Maria and you gave, the work with you. I liked meeting other people interested in VD. I absolutely adored the Blooming setting in the dunes and my daily walk in the nature.” What I enjoyed most and helped me most was when Maria and you were around, in the room, working with you both was great, really great.”

Martin de Waziers (France):

“The holistic approach you took was quite stunning to me and it certainly helped me see Voice Dialogue as powerful. You were both (Robert and Maria) very professional and I will gladly recommend people to your sessions; the fact of the matter is you form an excellent balancing act in my view and I could constantly feel the two sides of me responding to your energies combined. If you left nothing clear in the open, it gave a sense of safety all around. Finally, this combination of individual exposure and group dynamics made me feel I was truly taken care of; I have rarely felt that part of a trainee assembly.”